Vegetables and Fruit Market


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Vegetables and Fruit Market

Bodrum shopping´s scene is entirely dedicated to fruit and vegetables on both Thursday and Friday, when the city holds one of the richest food market in the peninsula. Products are fresh and grown locally thanks to the warm Anatolian weather, ranging from wild herbs to oranges and mushrooms.


A most-coveted travel-resort, Bodrum sees its face changing and transforming the once remote fishing village into an exclusive destination. Providing more than just awe-inspiring spectacles of its ancient past, the city caters to shopping lovers´ desires, lending a much-needed retail counterpoint to all that earnest sightseeing. Bunches of upscale boutiques rise up nearby the luxurious marina, while shopping malls, a relatively young concept in Turkey, pop up sparsely throughout the city. The sheer abundance of shops might seem satisfying enough, but true bargains lie in its rich market scene, a treasure trove of goods waiting to be discovered. "Pazar", the open market, is where your haggling skills can be tested and it is a quite common establishment in Turkey. Flea markets, clothing pazars or vegetables and fruit stalls - Bodrum is a consumer paradise.