Skultuna Brassworks


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Skultuna Brassworks

Skultuna Brassworks, 10 km north of Västerås, was founded 400 years ago and has museums, a riverside café, a factory shop and outlet stores. The museums have collections of unique and unusual objects. At the Skultuna outlet stores you can buy well-known Swedish brands of glass, textiles and jewellery.

Do & See

Västerås is a city rich in history, culture and entertainment. There is Anundshög, the burial mound, that dates back to the 900s. Västerås Cathedral, whose oldest parts are from the 13th century, a popular modern concert hall, interesting museums and plenty of fun activities. Engsö, Tidö and Västerås Castles, Vallby Open Air Museum and Kyrkbacken are some of the obvious attractions, as well as Lake Mälaren with its rich boat life. The list is very long and there really is something for everyone here in Västerås.