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Espresso House

The history of Espresso House goes back to 1996 when the first café opened in Lund by Charles and Elisabet Asker. What started as a small café inspired by both the Italian coffee culture and the American coffee tradition, is today the largest coffee shop chain in Scandinavia, with more than 400 coffee shops spread out between the four countries Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. At Espresso House there are more than coffee; sandwiches, salads, pies, yoghurt and more, something for every occasion – breakfast, lunch, snack or on the go. All bread and pastries served is made at their own bakery in Malmö, Sweden – Espresso House Bakery.


Sundsvall is truly a city of cafes. Whether you are looking for a plain cup of Joe, the latest trendy coffee drink, some delectable tidbit, an ecological alternative, or a light meal, we have the place for you.