Souq Al Alawi


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Souq Al Alawi

There are few better experiences in Jeddah than strolling through the narrow ways of Souq Al Alawi, getting lost in the vivid colours of the traditional garments and textiles and the enticing scents of the spices and herbs. Browse the countless stalls at the largest souq in the country and go home with a real find in the form of jewellery or art (and be sure to bargain for a better price).


Shopping in Jeddah, like the city itself, is a mix of old and new. Centuries-old souks still function as the commercial blood vessels of the city, selling everything from clothing and jewellery to fruit and spices in narrow alleys packed with people, colours and fragrances. At the same time, huge and modern shopping centres offer all manner of international products and entertainment for the whole family.