Al-Rahma Mosque (Floating Mosque)


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Al-Rahma Mosque (Floating Mosque)

Also known as the White Mosque because of its beautiful while marble exterior, this impressive architectural feat juts out over the water, creating the illusion that it is floating, particularly when lit up at night. Pilgrims on their way to Mecca often make a point to stop here to admire the building and worship.

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Many of the city's attractions and entertainment can be found along the corniche, from bizarre sculptures and a record-breaking fountain to parks, restaurants and museums. But savvy travelers will also want to stray a bit from there to discover the old town with its white coral buildings and historic city gates, or visit some of the city's fantastic museums. There are also mosques, markets and a top-notch aquarium to explore, so visitors to Jeddah are sure to have a full itinerary.