12 Cali Vinyl Shop


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12 Cali Vinyl Shop

12 Cali Vinyl Shop is the place to expand your vinyl collection. Located back in the courtyard of Mieleckiego Street, this urban culture store is where you will find vinyls and other musical paraphernalia.


Although Katowice may not exactly be a shopping Mecca, there are quite a few places one may head in search for local specialties. One of the several wine shops around town are good for sampling local drinks, the Wawel chocolate factory outlet will please those with a sweet tooth, and the famous Bolesławiecka pottery at Dyrekcyjna 4 makes for great gifts and souvenirs. One ultra-trendy store not to be missed by savvy shoppers is the incredibly stylish Geszeft, selling unique designs of clothing, accessories, and stationery.