Sardinia Blue Olive


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Sardinia Blue Olive

As is the case with many European restaurants in Windhoek, Sardinia Blue Olive doesn't exclusively serve Italian (that's not to say their seafood and pizza aren't delicious!), but changes it up with dishes like Malay chicken curry and oxtail soup. Prices are reasonable despite the sophisticated ambience.


Namibian cuisine is a unique blend of African game dishes, including meats of animals such as crocodile or kudu, and strong European (more specifically, German) influences. While Windhoek's multiple restaurants serve a range of international cuisine, the locals' staple diet is more focused on traditional Namibian dishes. If you want to experience the local Namibian cuisine, you can venture a bit further afield to the Katatura Township, where Namibian eats are more readily available. Many guided tours of Windhoek include a tasting of open-fire grilled Kapana beef, a local speciality.