Hévíz-Balaton Airport

Lake Balaton

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Hévíz-Balaton Airport

Hévíz-Balaton Airport is situated at Sármellék, about 20 kilometers from Keszthely, at the south-western tip of Lake Balaton. Since May 2005, FlyBalaton has been operating international flights to German, Danish, Swiss and UK destinations. You can easily reach Lake Balaton by train from Budapest. Budapest Airport is located 16 kilometers south east of Budapest. Go to Déli or Kelenföld train stations to catch a train. Taxis are available at the airport: Taxi Hévíz + 36 83 340 333 www.taxiheviz.com

Tourist Information

The composite facilities and amenities of a thriving city can be found spread across the numerous settlements all around the lake shore. Health facilities, sports grounds, entertainment and even a dedicated airport are all near the lake, though one must not forget that it is 77 km long, so travelling from one end to the other can take a while, especially by public transport.