Cimbora Grillkert

Lake Balaton

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Cimbora Grillkert

Located next to the main road number 71 and near to the port of the settlement. It features a lovely garden and a grill on the terrace for all kinds of meat dishes. To complete your Hungarian experience local wines are to be found on the drink menu.


Lake Balaton is a gourmet’s heaven. The lake is surrounded by resorts devoted entirely to entertainment and leisure. Resorts such as Balatonfüred, Keszthely, and Siófok are crammed with restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightclubs offering mostly sturdy, meaty Hungarian cuisine, although Italian restaurants are extremely popular, too. The lake is home to 40 different kinds of fish and many of these make their way onto the table. The volcanic soil around Badacsony produces some of the best white grapes in the country, and the wine makes a superb accompaniment to fish suppers.