Cycling around Lake Balaton (Balatonkör)

Lake Balaton

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Cycling around Lake Balaton (Balatonkör)

The bike road network around the Lake Balaton is more than 200 km long. The stage is easy, only the East and the North shore is hilly, the other side is flat. This bike tour is well recommend for every cyclist with average experience and perfect for families and seniors. You can plan your trip on this website: Round the lake bike races are more and more popular in Hungary. You can find a lot of alternative cycling paths wait for the tourists, for example in the west region. The number of the bicycle-friendly bistros and restaurants is rising around the Balaton, where you can have a fresh beverage or take a nap under the trees in the afternoon. You have an opportunity to rent a bike in many settlements.

Do & See

Lake Balaton is a real Hungarian treasure, offering a long shoreline dotted with family resorts on the southern side and welcoming vineyards to the north. With its green and silky water, the lake is Hungary’s favorite summer retreat. However, there is much more to do all year around than just lounge around at the lakeside. Each waterfront town has its own unique character, from the cultural center of Keszthely at the western tip to the elegant spa resort of Balatonfüred. Situated a little over 120 kilometers southwest of Budapest, Lake Balaton stretches out diagonally from the capital as a kind of lumpy oblong for 77 kilometers. The most interesting statistic of the lake is its depth, or rather lack of it as the average depth is just 3.3 meters. Especially along the southeastern shore, you have to wade out a long, long way before the water comes up to your knees. For this reason, the lake is extremely popular with families with young children. Lake Balaton also offers a surprising range of entertainment possibilities. While Siófok on the southern coast attracts the young, party-loving disco crowd, it also offers all around family fun at the annual Coca Cola Beach House. The north bank around Balatonfüred is a little more sedate and populated with artist colonies. The craggy outcrops of Badacsony are covered with vineyards and the healing waters are good both for drinking (Kékkuti) and bathing (Hévíz).