Pub-Lik Bisztró

Lake Balaton

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Pub-Lik Bisztró

Restaurant and café in Balatonföldvár, where the kitchen is led by chef Sándor Csizmazia, who also worked in Michelin-star restaurant 181 in München.

Bars & Nightlife

Lake Balaton’s bars have delightful terraces in the spring and summer. Overlooking the waterside, they are an excellent spot for sipping on local chardonnay and chilling out. The main Balaton destination for party-goers is Siófok. This resort is entirely given over to hedonism, especially in the warmer months, when ravers stay up until dawn, often rounding the night off in style with a dip in the lake. The resort of Balatonfüred, on the northern shore, is more sedate. However, it too lets its hair down during the many wine festivals in the autumn.