Gvimra Cafe


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Gvimra Cafe

Gvimra cafe is located on a quiet street corner in the residential part of the old town, away from major tourist paths. It offers a modern interpretation of Georgian cuisine, craft beer and organic wine. And quite an eclectic selection of wines they have! When the weather is nice, grab one of the outdoor tables and enjoy a glass of wine with a view of the historic facades covered in plants.


Georgia has a longstanding culinary tradition, almost as old as the country itself. It is no wonder then that social dining (and drinking) holds a special position in Georgian culture, with traditional feasts (supra) being very important and ritualised. Leading a supra is always a tamada, toastmaster, whose role is to speak and propose toasts, until the feast is ended. Tbilisi offers a lot of restaurants serving local cuisine in accordance with Georgian tradition and it is not uncommon to stumble upon a typical feast with people toasting, singing and dancing.