Left Bank


Copyright: Alexander Popov/unsplash.com
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Left Bank

Left Bank is a creative place that serves as a gig venue by night and social space by day. In short, they play techno and screen movies. Once a bread factory in the Soviet times, the space is located along the Mtkvari river. Check the official website to see scheduled events and invited Djs. There are also plans for a record shop and exhibition space.

Bars & Nightlife

Whether you are a frequent or an occasional party-goer, there is a right place for you in Tbilisi: join a crazy pub crawl around the city and challenge new friends to beer pong games, sit back and enjoy good music and drinks in a cosy bar, dance all night long in a vibrant night club, or join a more elegant party on a terrace. Whatever it is you are looking for, fun is guaranteed.