Snellemark Centret


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Snellemark Centret

Snellemark center is Bornholm shopping center which is located in the beautiful city of Rønne. Even though it is a small shopping center it offers an exciting mix of shops so you will definitely find everything your heart desires. Everything from fashion, beauty products to groceries can be found here. Shops like H&M, Vero Moda, Nyform and sNoir are housed here.


Despite its size and location in the middle of the Baltic, Bornholm offers great shopping opportunities including flea markets, shops, craft workshops and more. Most of the shops are concentrated in the areas of Lille Torv and the Store Torv so stroll around and explore specialist shops with unique items or find many of the well-known chain stores. When on Bornholm you will find lots of arts and crafts, so a visit to a craft workshops is a must and probably you will find one or two souvenirs to bring back home.