Randers Tropical Zoo


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Randers Tropical Zoo

Randers Tropical Zoo features the largest artificial rain forest in Europe, with mirroring the three rainforest continents: South America, Asia and Africa. Observe giant lianas, roaring waterfalls, and more than 450 different tropical plants, and 250 species of animals, and more than half of them walk around freely. If you are brave, you can also get very close to the snakes in the Asian snake yard, or to an armadillo or a green anaconda, which is the heaviest boa constrictor species in the world. For having a break from this wildlife experience, you can take it low with traditional Danish farming animals at the playground, or with a drink and a snack at the cafe.

Do & See

Randers is, as probably every town in Scandinavia, known for its beautiful surroundings but there are also many places to see, and way more venues to explore. While the art scene is especially lively, your historical knowledge will also get somehow refreshed by establishments that focus on subjects that you probably never really thought of before.