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Alma stocks one of Havana's finest selections of Cuban souvenirs, from traditional straw hats with a bit of a twist to clothing, ceramics, jewelry, artwork, and many other unique, hand-made items procured locally. Feel free to get inspired by their Instagram.


As strict government control over economic activity eases, the Cuban capital sees a timid rise of private businesses producing and selling their own goods. Although such outlets are still few and far between (and many prefer to stay hidden, only made known by word of mouth), there are several reliable locations across Havana stocking high-quality, locally made souvenirs. The main Cuban exports are cigars and rum, both available in unlimited supply, which still isn't the case for daily use items foreign visitors are often accustomed to. Remember to pack all your essentials and bring them along from home, leaving only souvenir shopping to be done here, in Havana.