The Snake Pit


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The Snake Pit

The Snake Pit is a great hangout spot where you can enjoy a great variety of food and drinks including grazing, burgers, tex-mex, cocktails, shots, beer and juice. This is actually the longest established expatriate bar in China, founded in Shekou in1987. The place has also raised donations by holding charity events to help local orphanages, schools and various other charities.

Bars & Nightlife

There’s a fairly big wave of Hong Kong revellers making their way to Shenzhen at the weekends these days, pulled in by the wilder, local nightlife scene. Clubs cover all music bases and genres with partygoers, particularly drawn to Sea World Square in Shekou district with its mix of ex-pat style bars and clubs. Another draw is Bar St at Citic City Plaza (CCP), particularly popular with Shenzhen’s youth.