Coffee will


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Coffee will

Coffee will is famous for its Japanese syphone-prepared coffee. The light roast coffee bean is imported from Japan as well. Wood furniture, outdoor space and a swing at the entrance all create a cosy ambience.


Coffee is probably a more popular drink in Qingdao nowadays than traditional tea. The Qingdao Coffee and Tea Art Street are lined with coffee shops and teashops, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Qingdao Coffee and Tea Art Street are located at Minjianger Lu, between Minjiang Lu and Zhangzhou Er Lu. There are eight coffee shops on the street and another five off the side streets of Zhangzhou Yi Lu and Zhangzhou Er Lu. Many of the stores, cafés, restaurants, shops and boutiques are Korean run, and it is perfect for a stroll, a sip of coffee and some window shopping. You will of course also find coffee shops all around the city and in the shopping malls.