Deep Throat


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Deep Throat

This bar will definitely surprise you for its entrance is hidden behind one of the bookshelves in a place that looks like a bookstore. You'll have to put some effort into finding the hidden button so that you can get in. It is a quiet cocktail bar that's ideal for a little chat with friends. Their signature cocktail is provocatively called "deep throat", the upper part of which is strong, and the lower part sweet.

Bars & Nightlife

The definitive location for a pub crawl in Ningbo is the Laowaitan area, a stretch of bars and pubs (and even several night clubs) right by the waterfront. Most serve imported beers alongside the iconic Tsing Tao and have a local DJ spin tunes late into the night. A few of the local haunts are frequented by expats, and it isn't uncommon to run into English speakers on a night out.