Woo Bar


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Woo Bar

Found at the luxury hotel W Guangzhou, Woo Bar is an open bar where you can enjoy a relaxing moment while sipping a cosmopolitan, shaken perfectly by the mixologist. Mingle, have fun while listing to live band and DJ at this very trendy bar that even offers contemporary afternoon tea.

Bars & Nightlife

This ever-vibrant city has a myriad of pubs, clubs, and karaoke bars scattered around downtown, a town offering a well-developed bar and club scene with many hot spots for drinking and dancing. Bai-e-Tan bar Street (Metro 1 Fang Cun) is perhaps the most famous street where a mix of people from around the world gather to party the night away from 11:00 PM onwards. Other bar clusters include those around Binjiang Lu and Huanshi Lu where numbers of popular pubs and bars are to be found that offer different vibes and great music. The bank of Pearl River is also an excellent place to head for when wanting to have a relaxing time while enjoying a cocktail or two and where the bars and lounges offer a fantastic view over the river. On the other hand, why not take a dinner cruise and discover the landmarks of the city in the night-lights? There is for sure no shortage of nightlife options in Guangzhou, and you will undoubtedly find some favourite hangouts during your stay.