Café Den Turk


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Café Den Turk

The oldest café in Ghent with a beautiful brown interior and some of that typical Ghent arrogance, known for pouring the best draught beers in Ghent. Whiskies, cognacs and sandwiches ‘mee uufflakke’. The regular haunt of many local councillors who go and enjoy a pint there after council meetings. This 15th-century house was built during the same period as Sint-Jorishof around the corner. The Den Turk house was the base of the young St George’s guild (Sint-Jorisgilde). The façade is made of sand lime, which was often used for prestigious buildings in 15th- and 16th-century Ghent. The popular café Den Turk claims to be the oldest café in Ghent, and many councillors and civil servants like to pop in for a drink after their council meetings.

Bars & Nightlife

The best night life can be found in Ghent. The thousands of students, lively atmosphere and cool music scene make Ghent the ideal destination for a night out. At the Oude Beestenmarkt, you will be tripping over trendy places to go. De Vlasmarkt is a meeting place for real night owls. De Overpoort is where you will find the students and where you can party until late the next the morning.