Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta pairs the architecture of colonial Mexico with the flair of its modern, beach resort city persona. Located in the gorgeous Bay of Banderas, Puerto Vallarta is both a tropical and cultural epicenter. Luxury cruises make it a frequent stop along their vacation routes, for the sandy beaches seem quite endless. Art lovers will find a paradise in Puerto Vallarta as well, for the city holds its own with numerous neighborhoods and districts dedicated to creative expression.

The City

Puerto Vallarta was for a long time inhabited by indigenous groups until the Spaniards came in 1524. But what caused the city to really "boom" in 1964 was the movie “Night of the Iguana," starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Puerto Vallarta, being the setting for this film, consequently appealed to the rich and famous. Tourism started blossoming in the 1970’s when the city put a lot of effort into tourist infrastructure. Ever since, the once quiet town only belonged to the past. Having so much to offer, it is not strange that people flock to Puerto Vallarta. The charming city has something for everyone; lovers, friends, family, and backpackers. Here you can really enjoy yourself and relax in a hub of culture, food, beaches, and nature.

Do & See

Puerto Vallarta is just as great for a relaxing holiday as an adventurous one. The Bay of Banderas has a 60 kilometer long coastline filled with secluded beaches, great for water sports, swimming with dolphins and lazy days on the beach. If you turn your head towards land you are facing the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains, a fantastic area for zip line tours and other daring sports. Wandering the cobbled streets of Puerto Vallarta you will be absorbed by art, food, drinks and friendly people. The diversity of things to do and see in Puerto Vallarta will keep you busy for a long, long time.


Being known as a fine dining destination, Puerto Vallarta and its many restaurants will bring you a lot of tasty dishes to the table. Here you will find a great variety of food and prices vary just as much. Choose between the “catch of the day”, genuine Mexican food or snacks from one of the many food stands on the streets. Small places, called fondas and cenadurías, serve great Mexican food. Whether you are looking for something small, a meal on the beach or a romantic dinner while overlooking the ocean, Puerto Vallarta has everything to satisfy your taste buds each day.


It is easy to find a good cup of coffee, like cappuccino, in Puerto Vallarta and the majority of cafés can be found in the Old Town. Mexico is known for producing high-quality coffee beans and the Mexicans themselves drink about half of it. When in Puerto Vallarta you should try a unique, popular type of coffee called “café de olla," sweetened coffee with cinnamon and cloves.

Bars & Nightlife

Puerto Vallarta is a city that never sleeps. Here you will find low-key hangouts, ritzy clubs, and sports bars. The so-called restaurant-lounges are very popular here, combining dining and dancing. Mandala is the most famous restaurant-lounge and a real hot spot in Puerto Vallarta. Most of the dancing, drinking, and bustling club scene can be found downtown and along the Malecon. You will not be bored in Puerto Vallarta.


Shopping in Puerto Vallarta is fun. The city is mostly famous for its art and silver jeweler, a real joy for everyone interested in handicrafts. The area around Old Town Vallarta, downtown and the Malecon is where to do most of your shopping.

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